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Personal Approach to Marketing for Real Estate Agents
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Welcome to The Personal Advantage Plan™

Personal Marketing for real estate agents has become one of the hottest sales philosophies to hit the east coast in quite sometime.  The reason it is so hot is because it works. "Clients choose you for WHO you are, not WHAT you are."

Personal marketing provides each agent with an opportunity to tell their story, to define their market niche and to distinguish themselves from other real estate agents to help make more sales.

Image reaching people on an emotional level.. Making an impression on them based on your core values.. Introducing yourself and pre-selling before you even call on them, and establishing common bonds.  That in a nutshell is personal selling and is the basis for the The Personal Advantage Plan.

The Personal Advantage Plan is a cost saving, personal marketing group plan, designed specifically for today's real estate agent.  Our packages consist of personalized brochures, personalized postcards, personalized business cards, website design, and much more.

Our plan provides discounts on all phases of production to groups of 2, 4, 6, up to 8 real estate agents.  The more agents that group together, the larger the discount on all your personal marketing materials.  We split the agents into groups and then spread out the set up cost to the entire group, saving thousands of dollars compared to other real estate marketing companies.

For more information and a personal free presentation, please contact us today at 540.341.0200 or email us at . Thank You

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